The Training Plan Source

What we believe

Our Coaches believe in blending researched based principles and techniques, state of the art software analysis, and good old fashioned in your face coaching methods to pull the best performance out of each and every athlete.

How We Began

IREP Athletics and The Training Plan Source(TPS) started as a way for two former exercise science and sports medicine professionals to return to their passion of training athletes while being professional educators full time. IREP has since grown in breadth and scope and their athletes continue to Respond Evolve Perform all levels across the globe 

What Makes Us Different

At The Training Plan Source you aren't just getting a cookie cutter training plan with a Plain Jane exercise routine.

We incorporate in all our training plans detailed exercise prescription that includes video of items such as drills, strength training, and injury prevention techniques.

We use several additional media platforms such as articles and podcasts to fully help our athletes gain understanding of the rationale giving out athletes an intimate knowledge of the what, why and how of their training. 

Education & Experience

Our Education:
Bachelor’s of Science Degrees in Athletic Training
Master’s Degree in Education

Our Certifications:
Certified Athletic Trainers
IRONMAN Certified Coaches

Our Experience:
Multiple Ironman Finishes
IRONMAN World Championships Qualifier
IRONMAN All World 
USAT All American

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